What We Do

Advice - If you need someone to demystify the increasingly complex media sector and explain how it can work for your business, to commercialise your content assets or simply give you a better view of the future – the Village Green consultancy service can help.

Ideas – Every solution is new - the established rules no longer apply. We love coming up with different, media neutral, solutions that help drive business results.

Negotiation – We are competitive beasts who love driving brilliant media deals for our clients – we know how to get unparalleled value out of the media.

Project Management – We provide a one-stop shop designed to take the hassle out of multi faceted media solutions. We unite a team of suppliers and can arrange everything from creativity to research.

Results –We know that ROI is everything. We also know that it is more difficult to make decisions in untested media. We provide pre and post analysis that reduce the risk and maximise value return.

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